How to Decorate Your Car for Christmas

16th Dec 2019


This article originally appeared on Evans Halshaw.

We decorate trees and our houses for Christmas, but if you spend a lot of time in your car how about taking it one step further? Would you consider decorating your car during the festive period? Take a look below at some of our favourite car Christmas decorations.

Reindeer car kit

Car Reindeer Kit

Antlers + Nose = Festive Fun

Cut through the fog like Rudolph with a pair of antlers and red nose for your car. All of the other drivers might laugh and call you names, but you'll go down in history.

Plug-in dashboard Christmas tree

Car Dashboard Christmas Tree

Light up your life

This cute mini Christmas tree will brighten up your dashboard on a cold December morning. It even plugs into the cigarette lighter to give a bit of added sparkle to your commute.

Aerial Topper

Christmas Aerial Topper

Christmas critters for your car

Spread some festive cheer to the people stuck behind you in traffic with a snowman, Santa or reindeer aerial topper. You might even find your car a bit more easily in the car park too.

Festive Scented Air Fresheners

Christmas Air Fresheners

Make your car smell like Christmas cookies

If Christmas tatt isn't your style, give the festive season a more subtle nod with a Christmas air freshener. Whether you choose Christmas cookie, sparkling cinnamon or mistletoe, you and your passengers will be transported to a winter wonderland on every journey.

Put a Christmas Jumper on Your Car

Christmas Jumper on a VW Golf

Pull out all the stops this year

On the other end of the scale, if you're prepared to go the extra mile to show your love for Christmas, you could get your car wrapped by our friends at Evans Halshaw. Choose from three festive designs at their Vinyl Graphics workshop in Manchester, with prices starting from £2,500 for a festive full body wrap, seen here on a VW Golf.


There you have it - five excellent ways to decorate your car for Christmas. A red nose, reindeer antlers and Christmas aerial toppers will make you stand out on the road, and you can make your commute 10x more festive by using a dashboard tree and winter air fresheners.

If you're really wanting to push the boat out, the full body Christmas jumper car wrap may be just what you're looking for!

Are there any other ways to make a car more Christmassy you can think of? Let us know on Facebook!