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Top 5: Best used hybrid and electric cars

As the concern surrounding climate change continues to rise, more motorists are starting to look to electric and hybrid vehicles. There is a number of reasons for this, which are outlined in our reasons to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle blog.

However, a number of new electric and hybrid vehicles still command a premium that can be hard to justify in these times of austerity. Below is a list of the best used cars that are guaranteed to make you popular within the local Greenpeace community.

Nissan Leaf

Kicking off the list is Britain's best selling electric vehicle. The Leaf has proven very popular among customers, who value the Leaf's ability to do everything a petrol-powered car does, but with considerably lower running costs.

Although performance isn't quite on par with some of the bigger electric vehicles out there, the battery output on the Leaf allows it to keep up with modern traffic easily. A full charge will last between 120 and 225 miles, depending on which battery size and generation of Leaf you invest in. With low-mileage examples available under £10,000, they represent good value for money.

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Toyota Prius

Everybody has heard about the Toyota Prius, except those who haven't discovered fire yet. The reason is simple, Toyota has shifted over 1.5 million of the things worldwide, making it the best-selling hybrid to date! Opt for the latest generation of Prius and you'll get up to 94.1mpg while emitting a ridiculously low 70g/km of CO2. Pingu will be pleased.

The smart interior is very comfortable and well insulated from the outside world. There is a large array of instruments in the centre of the top of the dashboard, while the central console blends seamlessly down towards the arm rest. It's all very futuristic and driver friendly. The driving dynamics may not be the Prius' strong point, but it makes up for that with low running costs and unparalleled reliability.

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Toyota Prius

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Not everyone wants a low slung hybrid coupé. However, we do know SUVs are very much 'in' at the moment. That's where the Outlander PHEV comes in.

The naturally aspirated 2.4-litre petrol engine is never going to set the world on fire, but the Outlander's ability to drive up to 30 miles purely on battery power more than makes up for this. Better yet, the batteries can recharge through the petrol engine, or you can plug it in when you get home.

Practicality is where the Outlander shines as you'd imagine. There's heaps of space in the front and back for passengers, while the 463 litre boot means there is a vast amount of storage space. The rear seats can even recline; that's a luxury feature right there!

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Final verdict

As you can see, there is a wide variety of electric and hybrid cars to suit every appetite. The Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius are the cars worth highlighting in our opinion. And based on their combined worldwide sales, the general public agrees with that too.