april fools day

Our top 5 April Fools car cracks

We all love a prank or two, and when’s better to pull one over on your mate than April fool’s day! We selected our top 5 car pranks for college kids who are car enthusiasts. If you’ve got the gift of the giggles then these pranks are definitely for you.

Wrap it up!

When you know your mate is off out somewhere, or you’re just up for a good laugh, hit the shops and buy a few dozen rolls of cling film. Then wrap that car up! Run around the car rolling out the cling film as many times as you can, until it’s gone.

If you’re really in it for the joke, hide the scissors too!

cling film wrapped car

Post-it prank

Make sure you’ve got a good number of sticky note pads for this one! Get your post ‘it notes and stick them all over your mate’s car. You could even use love heart shaped ones for this. Make sure you cover their car entirely, or even use them to write a message. It will take ages to get them off, so the more the better! Don’t be afraid to mix up the colours.

car past it notes

Whole lot of punchy!

Find yourself a hole puncher and some scrap paper for this prank. Fill the puncher up with the paper, and empty the chads into your mate's car. For maximum coverage, fill a tub of chads instead of your hole puncher, as they don't hold very many. Because they're so small, and there's so many of them, it will take a whole lot of time to hoover them up!

Your mate will be losing their marbles seeing them decorating the car.

car cleaning

The rear sticker!

This one speaks for itself! Find yourself a rude or funny sticker either online or in the shop. Without your mate knowing, stick it to the back of their car, or the front if you really like. Put it in the most obvious place on the boot so other road users can see it and laugh. The sticker could be there ages before your mate finally realises!

big boots car sticker

Junk in the trunk!

You won’t want to be riding as passenger in your mate’s car if you do this prank! Take the smelly rubbish bin bag from your house, tie it shut and put it in the boot of their car. Without them knowing of course. If they have other things in the boot then make sure it’s hidden underneath. If you’ve hidden it well, they’ll be wondering why their car smells so bad and why their air freshener isn’t working.

rubbish in boot

Got any pranks of your own?

Hopefully our top 5 car pranks have given you some inspiration. Tweet us your car prank images at @CarStoreUK so we can have a good giggle!