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Tips on how to keep pets safe in the car on long journeys

We all love travelling with our furry friends and taking them everywhere we go. However, it's not idyllic when they're mucking up the car or shedding fur far and wide. Whether it's a weekend away, or a day out at crufts, there are a number of pet accessories and tips that are practical for your trip and also safe for travelling. Cats and dogs come in all different sizes and you can modify your car to meet the requirements. There's no reason not to take your kitten or your pooch when you've taken every precaution.

Pet harness and seatbelt

Travelling with a dog or cat could be made easier with accessories that keep your pet in one place whilst in the car. Pet harnesses or seat belts are great for strapping your little treasures in, more so for keeping your dog restrained. These are the ideal accessories for short journeys. Ensure that harnesses are crash tested, and just make sure they can’t chew through it!

car seat belts for dogs
dog crates for cars

Car crates

Car crates are a generic pet accessory, especially for long journeys. They keep both cats and dogs calm and collected on those lengthy trips. Make sure your crate is big enough for your pet to lay comfortably, and crash tested too. Even if your pet is relaxed, place a blanket over the top of the crate so they feel secure.

Pet guard

If your pets are too big for a crate, or you have more than one, then a pet guard would be the ideal accessory for your car. Pets can move around freely whilst staring out the window at the passing cars. Pet guards bolt onto the roof of your car and to the rear seats. This accessory is safe from distracting your driving and provides your pets with more room than a crate.

pet  guard for car
pet hammock for car


For those who have pets a little on the older side and prefer to lay down, then a seat hammock is more than ideal. Hammocks lay in the central area of your car, and attach round the head rests of all chairs. This stops muddy paws and loose hairs from covering your seats. Perfect if you’re a little OCD with your car.

Pet travel checklist

When you’re planning a long journey cross country for a holiday or Crufts Dog Show, be sure to take extra safety precautions if you’re travelling without using pet accessories.

  • Turn off power windows – No one wants to see a rendition of Marley & Me.
  • Don’t feed pets whilst travelling – Pet sick all over the car is less than ideal.
  • Schedule plenty of stops – Dogs needs the toilet just like you do.
  • Keep the car cool – Remember pets have a thick coat of fur, and get hotter than us.

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You can now face a fine of up to £2,500 plus penalty points for having pets unrestrained in your car. We may be a nation on animal lovers, but do the right thing and ensure their safety with the help of our favourite pet accessories.