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Travelling with pets

If you're planning to hit the road, we have some helpful tips to make those trips more enjoyable!

It’s not the easiest thing to travel with pets, especially if you have more than one, or you know they’re a fidget bum.

There’s a few ideal solutions you can undertake to make your ride easy and stress free. Pet safety is essential, if you’ve got a decent boot space try using a pet crate for your Cat or Dog to travel in. You won’t have to worry about them tipping over at every sharp bend, or even trying to sit on your lap, because they definitely try and do that!

To prepare for taking your fur-babies on the road, don’t forget the most important items:

  • Plenty of water and a water bowl
  • Waste bags
  • Food and treats (be sure not to feed them right before the drive there or back)
  • A ball for playing fetch!

There are a number of picturesque locations in the UK you might want to visit with your four legged friends.

We’ve selected our top 4 locations to visit no matter what end of the country you’re in:

  • If you’re not wanting to head far, your local nature trail is the ideal location to take a trip with your pet. There’s tonnes of walking routes up and down the country both long and short, something for all ages both dogs and people!
  • You’re guaranteed to have a tired pup at the end if you head to one of the National Trust parks. The open space is great for letting your pets blow off some steam. Makes a great day if you take a picnic too!
  • If you don’t mind the smell of wet fur then the beach is perfect! Take a tennis ball for maximum pet tiredness on the way home.
  • Last but not least, take a trip to a cafe in the countryside. They’re usually pet friendly and even have outdoor seating. Enjoy the hills whilst slurping on a coffee or even an ice cream!

For more easy travelling tips and safety accessories, read our blog for advice on what accessory is best for your pet.