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How to change your car's clock

It’s officially Spring!

We’re on our way to Summer, longer days and warmer nights, it really is the best time of year!

Spring marks the period where we send our clocks forward 1 hour. Unfortunately, we don’t get an extra hour in bed, but we do get more sun light!

Summer is everyone’s favourite time of year, but changing all the clocks AGAIN when you only did it several months back can be arduous. We hunt around the house for anything we see ticking, and there’s always one clock that we forget. The car! Or is it because we don’t know how to change it?

We live in a digital age, but really, how many of our cars have detailed explanations as to what buttons change the clock's time? In most cases, your clock is connected to the radio. Result! If you ask me, no faff, it’s done for you.

If that’s not the case, then read on..

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Follow these simple steps

You could leave your clock 1 hour ahead, but confuse yourself every time you check the time, trying to work out what the real time actually is. Confusing right? Or you could follow these simple steps.

Have you checked the car handbook for manual instructions?

This might seem the obvious thing to do, but have you?

Rather than the frustration of pressing buttons and sending the clock more minutes and hours in front, check your vehicle's manual for instructions.

clock instructions

Is your car too modern for instructions?

If your car is more modern, then you probably won’t find instructions in the handbook. However, on your digital display at the front of the car, located between the driver’s seat and passenger seat you’ll notice a menu button.

Flick through your menu settings until you find the date and time option. This really is self-explanatory. Using one of the dial nobs, switch or buttons (depending on your car), you’ll be able to change the time in seconds. Literally.

radio clock

Still unsure?

There’s a numerous amount of different cars, makes and models out there. Not all cars are going to be straight forward for the simplest of things.

Take to the web and search for your car.

You’ll be sure to find some useful instructions, or pop in to your local Car Store and we'll help you out.

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It's as easy as that!

It really is easier than it seems, or easier than it used to be.

Over 20 years ago the car clock was an actual ticking clock! You had to remove the clock and rewind it by hand. 

Remember these?

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