Cars named after animals

Cars named after animals

Automakers and designers are often inspired by animals when it comes to their next work of art. Surely not on a looks basis, maybe their features

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Volkswagen Beetle

Okay. So this one looks a little like its title. Its hard outer shell does resemble that of a Beetle's. Once a popular car in the 1960s and a very charming icon in fact. Can’t say the same for its influencer though!

used Volkswagen beetle
used fiat panda

Fiat Panda

The Panda has always been a rather different species. Interesting and unusual. The look of the Fiat Panda is just that. It really is the car for doing anything you like. Pandas do don’t they?

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Once a living legend! The Stingray is a modern classic. Its stylish smooth back and sculptured-tail body resembles a real life Stingray. Including its pivoting hidden headlights, like the eyes of a ray scanning the ocean floor for its next meal.

chevrolet stingray
ford raptor

Ford Raptor

So this is a beast of a car, just like a Raptor! One of the toughest, most capable trucks around. The Raptor has been putting its competition to shame with a powerful engine, an extremely capable suspension setup and its off-road abilities. But you would've guessed all that from its name.

Volkswagen Fox

Rather dull looking, the fox is underrated. This car is somewhat like its fellow models of the Lupo and a Polo, very misconstrued. People tend to feel that way about Foxes, but they really shouldn't.

used Volkswagen fox
used fiat spider

McLaren Spider

Fast like a Spider. It’s slightly creepy looking with big eyes and moves fast. Exactly like a spider. However so much more stylish!

So the designers clearly don’t follow the looks factor when naming their new models after animals. The cars follow more of a personality trait!