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Are Part-Worn and Second-Hand Tyres Dangerous?

Be aware of the hidden dangers of part-worn tyres

This article originally appeared on Evans Halshaw.

Second-hand and part worn tyres have been receiving a lot of media coverage recently and UK councils are again warning that they are potentially hazardous to the public. Yet still they are being sold and people are risking their safety by buying them.

98% of part worn tyres are sold illegally and over 34% of them have potentially dangerous forms of damage or non-compliance. Tyres which have bulges, cracks or other forms of damage will not work as good as they should do.


Facts about Part-Worn Tyres

Unsafe or defective tyres contribute to thousands of accidents every year on UK roads. In 2018, 3,449 road traffic accidents were linked to cars having tyres in poor condition. 

Much of the daily wear and tear your tyres suffer will remain unnoticed, and with many drivers admitting to not regularly checking their tyre pressure, tread depth or general condition, the dangers of damaged tyres often go unobserved until it's too late.

92% of second-hand tyres are sold without being correctly labelled as 'part-worn' - which is illegal. It's a massive safety issue as over 2,200,000 cars a year fail their MOTs due to tyre defects.

Part-Worn Tyres are Often a False Economy

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While on the surface part-worn tyres may appear to be cheaper than brand-new tyres, there are some things to consider which may well make them a false economy. 

New tyres are sold with around 8mm of tread depth, and part-worn tyres can have as little as 2mm on them. A TyreSafe investigation found that on average the cost per mm of tread on a part worn tyre was £6.33, compared with £5.32 for a brand-new tyre. 

Another thing to consider is that if the part-worn tyre you are supplied with is faulty in a way that is illegal or dangerous, it could result in a £2,500 fine and 3 points on your licence if inspected by a Traffic Officer.

At Car Store we never sell second-hand tyres, but we do carry a wide range of brand-new tyres to suit all budgets and needs.

In fact, we're so passionate about safety we offer free tyre checks for those who are worried about the current state of their tyres.

Don't run the risk of second-hand tyres. Remember, part-worn means part-safe.