best small cars

Best small cars

Small, but mighty. Here's our overview of the best small used cars.

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Renowned for lower running costs and the ability to get into virtually any parking space, small cars have a big part to play on our roads. Our Gurus have again put together a list of the top 10 small cars in the market, to help you explore what’s out there and make sure you have as much helpful information to find the right small car for you.

There are many reasons to get yourself a smaller car and one of those is the amount of money you can save. With a smaller engine, you will receive better fuel efficiency and it will cost you less to fill up the tank. Besides fuel, you will also benefit from lower tax, lower insurance and lower maintenance.

You will also find that smaller cars are easier to handle compared to larger cars, making it a breeze whilst commuting around those big cities. The technology that is now placed in these small cars is advanced and you will find that you will have everything you need, from parking sensors to Bluetooth.

A lot of people also think that small cars don’t have much room in them but in today’s market, more small vehicles are no longer that small and have a reasonable amount of space in them to get you and your passengers from a to b.

Now you’re in the know about why to buy a smaller car, take a look at our gurus’ top 10 list and find the right one for you.