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Best fun cars

Want to have some fun? Here's our top 5 fun cars!

What makes a car fun? Is it the roar it makes when you put your foot down or the quirky style that makes it stand out from the crowd? That is down to you, but we think there are lots of cars out there that can really make you enjoy driving.

For those of you who have finally got an excuse to buy that fun car we all long for, our Car Store gurus have put together a mouth-watering list of the top 5 fun cars to drive that fit a range of budgets!

5. DS3

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The DS 3 has had an interesting birth. The car originally started out as a Citroën, albeit as a premium sub-brand. DS became a standalone brand in 2014. If you love fashion, nippy small cars and premium feel, the DS 3 ticks all the boxes. It is great for those who do a lot of city and town driving.

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4. MINI Hatchback

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Speak to anyone who has ever driven a MINI and we are willing to wager they mention the words ‘go-kart’ and ‘really good-fun’ at some point. This is a uniform formula MINI have adopted with every generation of Hatchback; the sharp steering provides a lovely weight and feedback you just don’t get in other cars, while the low-slung nature of the MINI and planted stance (thanks to the wheels at each corner) really help with the cornering.

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3. BMW 2 Series

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The formula for any driver-orientated BMW has always been the same; engine up front and the power sent directly to the rear wheels alongside perfect weight distribution. As a result, the 2 Series drives with the poise and conviction you would expect, some have even likened this car to the 2002 Turbo and E30 3 Series - this is high praise indeed.

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2. Mazda MX-5

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The recipe for a lightweight roadster that is low slung and rear wheel drive is always going to be popular among the driving enthusiasts. However, Mazda took this recipe and added a fizzing naturally aspirated engine (no turbo etc.) that loves to rev and paired it with super slick gearbox that encourages you to drive enthusiastically.

The fine chassis balance and slick drivetrain make the MX-5 bags of fun through the twisty stuff, it's so easy to seamlessly connect corners together without ever going excessively (ahem) over the speed limit.

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1. Porsche 911

Ford Fiesta ST Blue

You couldn’t count on two hands the number of awards the Ford Fiesta ST has won during recent years. Hailed as one of the, if not the best, hot hatchbacks currently on sale, motoring journalists and owners have celebrated the ST’s blend of fun and affordable running costs. The previous generation sports a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, while the latest model boasts a 1.5-litre turbocharged engine. Regardless of the generation you choose, you’ll enjoy an engaging drive that will leave a smile on your face after every journey.

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