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What is a convertible?

Soft top, convertible, cabriolet, all terms used to describe a car with a retractable roof. It’s a car we Brits have quite the love affair with - perfect for those rare summer’s days!

The sky really is the limit with a convertible. Once you’ve had one you will find it hard to live without the novelty of making the roof disappear at the touch of a button.

A convertible is a car which has some form of retractable roof, meaning that the roof of the car either slides back or folds away to leave the top of the car open.

There are a few different types of convertible roof available and the most popular option is the soft top. This is made of a soft material and is a firm favourite as it’s easy to pack away. However, more recently, new technologies have allowed for a hard-top convertible roof which automatically splits in a way for it to stow away in the rear of the car.

You can also get a car which has a semi-convertible roof whereby only the top of the roof retracts rather than all of the structure. This tends to be on smaller city cars such as the Citroen DS3 and Volkswagen UP!

The good stuff

So, what makes a convertible so great? To start with by the touch of a button you are exposed to a whole new world of sights, smells and sounds. A convertible gives you an extra level of experience that is way beyond a sunroof.

Modern convertible roofs are more soundproof than ever meaning that road noise is still kept to a minimum. Although the roofs are watertight it is advised to have the material ones cleaned and treated once a year to keep them looking good.

A question which is quite often raised with a convertible is their safety, however a great deal of technology and science goes into their design to ensure the maximum level of safety. From reinforced body panels to automatic roll protection systems.

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