best city cars for sale

Best city cars

Looking for a car to drive around town? Here's what we've got for you!

What makes a city car?

Funky, fashionable and a hell of a lot of fun; city cars are becoming increasingly more popular for those of us who live in crowded urban streets. There’s now more choice than ever thanks to increasing popularity for these cars, meaning deciding on the right one for you is no easy task. That being said, our clever little gurus have put together a list of the top 10 city cars but before we do that, let’s go through what makes a city car great.

Renowned for their low running costs and being great value for money, city cars take the stress out of busy city life. You’ll also be glad to know they are not restricted to just cities and make light work of long city to city journeys thanks to increasing fuel economy. You don’t even need to sacrifice that extra boot space because clever packaging techniques means there’s plenty of room inside for you, your friends and even your pet (unless you own a bear). A comfortable ride is a must, because we all know how terrible those after work traffic jams can be!

A good city car should offer exceptional running costs, even when in standstill traffic, without compromising style and in-car technology. Our roads are getting busier and busier and city cars are there to make these kinds of journeys more pleasurable for the everyday commuter. No longer will you fear the dreaded climb up the winding multi-storey car park thanks to these great city cars. Here’s what we think are the top city cars available today.

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