Best cars for pet owners

Best cars for pet owners

Pets are awesome! Picking the right car for your pet is furry im-paw-tant.

Pets are awesome and making sure they are safe and happy in your car is a must, and finding the best car for dog owners, car owners or any love-able pet you own.

Whether you’re off for a weekend away with the dog or just nipping the cat to the vets, keeping your pet and its toys safe and secure is important. You’ll want to make sure there is enough space in the boot or back of your car for your pet to lay comfortably in its basket or bed. Make sure your pet is strapped in too – you don’t want them sliding around when you go around those corners! Check out dog car seats and other accessories to keep the bigger beasts a bit more secure.

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Best hatchback for pets

The humble hatchback has a knack for being the car to do it all! The hatchback body style is perfect for dog owners, due to the simplistic nature of accessing the boot and rear seats – especially if it also features five-doors. Hatchback cars are also lovely and practical too, meaning small and medium sized pets should have no trouble getting in and out. Cars such as the Ford Focus, VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra are perfect for the job.

Best SUV for dogs

SUVs are still very much at the height of their popularity. Chunky 4x4 looks and fine practicality mean transporting your pets safely and easily is an absolute doddle. Depending on your needs, various sized SUVs can ensure life is made a lot easier, and with high rooflines, large boot space and durable interior materials, SUVs are perfect for many pet owners. Small SUVs like the Ford EcoSport and Vauxhall Mokka are perfect for the job, whilst larger SUVs like the BMW X5, Ford Kuga and Kia Sportage will cater for larger animals with ease too.

Best estates for pets

Estate cars are somewhat underrated these days, after the growing popularity of the SUV. However, you simply can’t ignore how good an estate car is, especially for making a pet owners life easier. A huge boot and attractive loading space are a welcome sight to many of our fury friends. Being a car, you don’t have to be worried about raised ride height either, which could be a problem for smaller animals with little legs. The Vauxhall Insignia Estate and BMW 3 Series estate are all pet approved estate cars.

Best small cars for pets

Small cars are great. They are easy to drive and easy to live with, especially in the city. But what happens if you need to transport your pet too? Just because a car is small, doesn’t mean your pet can’t come along for the ride too. Superminis and city cars are surprisingly practical and can accommodate small and medium sized pets with ease. A perfect example is the brilliant Ford Fiesta. With three and five-door body styles and a big boot, it is more than capable. Cars such as the Peugeot 208 and Hyundai i10 are surprisingly spacious too, and thanks to their hatchback boots are a doddle for accommodating a number of pets with ease.