Best cars for pets

Best cars for pet owners

Pets are awesome! Picking the right car for your pet is furry im-paw-tant.

Pets are awesome and making sure they are safe and happy in your car is a must.

Whether you’re off for a weekend away with the dog or just nipping the cat to the vets, keeping your pet and its toys safe and secure is important. You’ll want to make sure there is enough space in the boot or back of your car for your pet to lay comfortably in its basket or bed. Make sure your pet is strapped in too – you don’t want them sliding around when you go around those corners! Check out dog car seats and other accessories to keep the bigger beasts a bit more secure.

The height of your car is also important to consider as dogs may need to jump in and out of the space you’ve lovingly allocated them. You may also want to check whether your new car’s back seats fold down to create more space. Take the time to consider these points when taking the lead on buying a new car.

Make sure you bear in mind passengers too as you’ll all need to fit in if travelling together. You may also want to factor in the comfort of your drive – a loud, powerful car may play havoc on your pet’s bladder control! On that note, leather seats could be a wise, easy-clean choice when travelling with pets.

There are many cars out there for pet owners but picking the right one for your canine chum or feline friend (other pets are available) is an important move. If you want to find out more, chat to one of our gurus who will be happy to help.