best cars for new drivers

Best cars for first time drivers

Take a look through our top 5 used cars for first time drivers

So, you've just passed your test, congratulations! Now it’s time to be let loose on the road in your very own car.

Probably the most important factor when buying your first car is insurance and running costs. Tech is another important feature, such as Bluetooth, USB or charging points. You also want to look good while driving too!

Here’s our top 5 cars for first time drivers!

5. Volkswagen Polo

used volkswagen polo car review

In recent years, the Polo has been within the UK’s top 10 best-selling cars. The perfect mix of an upmarket feel in a compact package is an attractive proposition. With typical German build quality and reliability, the Polo suits a variety of lifestyles. It's a great first car, thanks to the small engines and low insurance which is why it makes the number five spot.

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4. Toyota Aygo

toyota aygo car review

The Aygo's popularity is ultimately owed to its ability to appeal to a wider audience. The Aygo is a great-looking car that looks sharp and drives well, making it perfect for city living students who pride themselves on making an impression. Alternatively, the inexpensive running costs mean the humble Aygo is a great option for drivers who have just passed their test or who are looking for their first car. On top of this, the sprightly chassis and peppy engine selection make the little Toyota a decent steer, because no-one ever said driving entertainment has to cost an arm and a leg.

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3. Peugeot 208

used peugeot 208 car review

The Peugeot 208 has the qualities to suit a variety of drivers. Its value for money, low running costs, and compact size make it an attractive option for first-time buyers and students, yet its practicality means viability for young families too. The GTi version, meanwhile, offers plenty of fun for keen drivers. So whether you fancy tearing round corners at speed or simply pottering around town with friends, the 208 could be the car for you.

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2. Ford KA

used ford ka car review

Being the small, nimble, comfortable car that it is, the Ka is the ideal city living student car. Its reliability, plus the low price and running costs, make it a great choice for those looking for their first car. The pleasant amount of room in the cabin and fun driving experience mean it’s good for days out too.

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1. Citroen C1

used citroen c1 review

The ultimate first car. Small dimensions, quirky styling, incredibly low running and insurance costs make it the perfect car for those who need an inexpensive method of transport for getting around. As a result of the styling being fresh and contemporary, the C1 is a car that owners of all ages will take pride in being seen in, which is why it takes our number one spot!

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