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The Audi TT, Instantly recognisable with it's sports car look and feel. An all round fun to drive car also available as a convertible.

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The Audi TT was an instant hit when it was launched back in 1998. Its revolutionary styling made it a cool car to own, while it drove superbly too. Now in its third generation, the TT still stands out on the roads, while the many second-generation models on the used car market offer great value for money. It’s available as a 2-door coupe or as a convertible, both of which are excellent options for keen drivers looking for a sports car.

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Both the second and current generation are some of the sleekest cars around. Both have that distinctive nose with the large grille, but the latest version is brought up-to-date with more slanted headlights and tighter lines, making the TT look narrower. This facelift works particularly well for the convertible’s look when the roof is off.

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The TT has a classy interior to match its impressive exterior. A low seating position and flat-bottomed steering wheel adds to the driving experience. One key difference between the Mk2 and the Mk3 is that the infotainment system in the former is replaced by a central ‘Virtual Cockpit’, which sits in place of a traditional set of dials.

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Keen drivers will love the TT. All the engines offer great performance and impressive refinement, with an enjoyable level of engine noise. It handles very well too, being agile on demanding roads, and soaks up bumps easily. The Sport mode will satisfy keen drivers, as it tightens the steering and sharpens the throttle. 


Practicality is rarely a strength of coupes or convertibles – after all, they’re built for driving enjoyment rather than carrying lots of people and cargo. Indeed, the roadster doesn’t have any rear seats and has a small boot, but the coupe doesn’t do too badly in this regard. There’s enough space in the back for children or teenagers and the rear seats can be folded down to create a decent storage space. The glove compartment and various other cubby holes offer useful extra storage too.

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In both looks and drive, the Audi TT is a true sports car. Both the coupe and roadster provide plenty of driving fun and an enjoyable ride for both driver and passengers, plus the convertible offers the additional thrill of top-down driving. The TT has a real premium feel to it too, thanks to the quality of its build and eye-catching looks. 20 years after it was first launched, the TT is still a prestige buy for any keen driver.


The second generation comes with alloy wheels, sports seats and climate control as standard. Various trim levels are available, adding features such as cruise control, leather seat trim, and Sat Nav. The latest generation is similarly equipped. Quattro four-wheel-drive is an option, and there’s plenty of both manuals and automatics.


A wide variety of high-quality engines are available for the TT. For the second generation the 3.2-litre V6 and 2.0-litre TFSI petrol engines offering the punchiest performance. However, the 2.0-litre TDI diesel offers a good alternative thanks to its impressive economy, returning over 50mpg. For the third generation, the picks of the range are the 2.0-litre FSI turbocharged petrol and the 2.0-litre TDI Ultra Sport diesel. The latter offers incredible economy, at up to 65mpg.

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