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Audi A5

Sophisticated, classy and understated looks, the A5 offers super build quality with a premium yet robust feel.

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Available from 2007, the A5 is a sleek and sophisticated coupe produced by German automaker Audi. Taking its place as the the entry-level coupe model in the comprehensive Audi range, the handsome A5 has enjoyed a prolonged nine-year stint, before the second-generation model was introduced into the range in 2016. Not bad at all, considering manufacturers are always keen to refresh and update their models rather frequently in recent times. Throughout the nine-year run of the first-generation car, Audi also released the A5 in an equally sharp cabriolet along with a practical Sportback body style too, the latter offering 4-doors as standard, with increased practicality, whilst still maintaining a sleek and stylish A5 coupe-look profile.

Used Audi A5 review


Powerful, yet understated, the Audi A5 boasts clean and smart looks, whilst not having to scream about it. It follows the Audi mantra of quality meets sophistication perfectly, and is very much a classy coupe in every aspect. The alternative convertible takes the understated looks and adds a little more glamour, resulting in a gorgeous roofless silhouette, whilst the Sportback body adds more doors for greater levels of practicality, whilst maintaining the classic A5 appearance, beautifully preserving its foundations. All three body styles feature swooping lines along with smart details, resulting in a car which has unsurprisingly had a nine-year start to its life. Later generations from 2016 on keep the DNA of the first-generation perfectly, but have merely sharpened up the design with the later Audi design language - it is still easily recognisable as the popular Audi coupe none the less.

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The A5's interior is typical Audi. Therefore, it is supremely upmarket, with the A5 feeling premium and well made - mirroring the whole Audi range. Understated class is perhaps the best way to describe the ambiance the A5's interior gives, with leather upholstery and beautifully laid out switch-gear, along with ergonomic controls exactly where you would expect to find them. To say the original A5 is a Coupe, a body style not known for its practical traits, the A5 features a decently sized boot, offering more space than that of its premium rivals. Of course, the Sportback body style adds in more space and the Convertible is compromised due to the retractable roof.

used audi a5 car review


Audi models tend to offer fine driving experiences, that make them perfect for daily driving duties. The Audi A5 is no exception. This comfortable Coupe, Convertible and Sportback is not lacking in driving emotion and feel and thanks to a decent amount of engine choice and trim levels, you'll be able to find your perfect A5 no problem. Sportier models such as the S Line will offer firmer suspension and enhanced looks, whilst the S5 and RS5 offer exhilarating performance that can cut it with some of the planets finest sports cars in terms of driving pleasure and excitement. Whilst, other A5 trim levels allow for a smoother drive, which make the A5 a great car for long journeys.


As stated, despite the A5's original Coupe body style, you are not going to be lacking in boot space thanks to a generous load space, although rear legroom is decreased, as expected from a coupe. The four-door Sportback goes the other way and increases load space even further and has the advantage of doors for rear passengers to access, to make carrying multiple passengers a lot easier, than that of the Coupe and Cabriolet where you would have to pull the front seats forward to allow for access to the rear seats.

used audi a5 car review

Engines and transmissions 

You get a lot of engine choice in the Audi A5 range. First-generation models range from 1.8-litre petrol engines, all the way through to the 4.2-litre you'll find in the ultimate Audi A5 - the RS5. There is plenty of diesel choice as well, with 2.0-litre and 3.0-litre TDI models to name but a few. Of course, diesel engines are more efficient with economy tipping over 60mpg, with second-generation models able to hit an impressive 70 mpg. The petrol performance versions, especially the RS5 and S5 are rather thirsty, with mid twenties the norm. But with circa 450bhp, performance is much more important than economy.


If you do a lot of miles, and want a car that can make long distance journeys a doddle, then the Audi A5 fits the bill perfectly. Alternatively, the convertible ensures great grand touring capabilities - where weather permits, although even with the roof up, the Audi A5 Convertible is supremely comfortable and quiet. The Sportback will appeal to those who enjoy the stylish coupe looks, but require enhanced practicality. All in all, if you are after a premium, executive coupe, convertible or four-door vehicle, then the Audi A5 is a fine choice.