audi a1 car review

Audi A1 review

The Audi A1, with stylish design and classy interior. A great car for getting "around town" whilst being fun to drive at the same time.

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Audi have always built premium motor vehicles for the masses to enjoy, yet the concept of Audi constructing a supermini was a relatively rare phenomenon considering the lack of previous attempts. So, 2010 arrives and Audi introduce the A1 to their range, and it has been a hit ever since thanks to a stylish design and a classy interior layout.

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The styling is unmistakably that of an Audi, the sharp and modern lines flow effortlessly throughout the whole car; the A1 also features Audi’s distinctive and aggressive front end. Typical of Audi, there is a variety of specifications and trim levels to choose from, all of which bring a host of changes to the aesthetics of the A1. The sportier trims bring larger wheels, a lowered ride height and subtle additions to the bodywork to add more flair and aggression.
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Audi have always been highly regarded for the quality of their interior and the layouts they implement. The Audi A1 is no exception to this rule, every material has a premium feeling to it while everything has been incredibly well bolted together. Truth be told, you’d struggle to understand how Audi have managed to fit such a quality interior for such a reasonable price, it’s genuinely remarkable – and not to mention refreshing – on a car in the supermini segment.

There’s plenty more to enjoy alongside the premium materials. For example, the driving position is very good and the driver’s seat offers plenty of adjustability. There’s decent room in the back for a car this size, and the dash screen is quick and intuitive to use.

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Surprisingly, despite the A1 being a supermini that is lightweight, it drives and feels a lot more like its larger siblings in the Audi range. There’s no doubt the majority of buyers will appreciate how sure-footed and planted the A1 feels on Britain’s roads. The sportier trims bring stiffened suspension, larger wheels and subtle additions to the body in the form of a body kit. The result of these sporty additions is a more focused driving experience, perfect if you enjoy having fun on your drive home from work.


As you can imagine being an Audi, the A1 is very quiet and refined on any road it encounters. Motorway slogs aren’t an issue thanks to the excellent insulation and the blatantly copious amount of engineering that has gone into reducing wind noise.

used audi a1 review


As for the A1’s practicality, you need to be sympathetic towards the fact it is a supermini, a body style that will never offer SUV levels of space. Having said that, there is a decent amount of space in the back, certainly enough to keep two grown adults comfortable on a long journey. The boot is more than adequate for that weekly trip to the supermarket; and with the rear seats folded down, the A1 makes a good mini-van for those journeys to the local Swedish furniture manufacturer.


There’s a healthy selection of engines and gearboxes to choose from with a used A1. The petrol and diesel engines all provide plenty of grunt, which makes them excellent for city driving or overtaking on the motorway. An additional benefit of each engine is how clean they are, each one produces low emissions and excellent fuel economy, meaning less trips to the pumps (something we’re rather fond of!).


The Audi A1 is a great car for use on all types of road throughout the UK. However, the A1 really excels as a town car thanks to its supermini dimensions and incredible ability to soak up bumps in the road. The excellent visibility also makes the A1 easy to park in multi-storey car parks and an excellent navigator through city traffic.

Because the A1 is so safe and efficient, you may be surprised to know it is becoming an increasingly popular first car for those who have just passed their test. However, the A1 isn’t just perfect as a first car; it’s also a great option for those who enjoy driving. The standard car is very planted as mentioned earlier, but the sportier versions offer more thrills on a daily basis for those who like to have fun on backroads.

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