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While being known for prestige saloon cars such as the A4 and A6, the Audi range includes a much wider spectrum of cars from hatchbacks such as the A1 and A3 to the Q3, Q5 and Q7 SUVs, as well as sport ‘S’ and ‘RS’ models too.

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The A1 is a supermini type vehicle available with either 3 or 5 doors, and it’s a similar story with the larger A3 on the used market, with lots of choice in terms of engine specifications and trim levels, but all are quiet, refined and economical.

The Germans do premium saloon cars really well, and the A4 and larger A6 are no exception, being tremendously competent at completing long distances on the motorway with ease, leaving the driver in complete comfort and feeling relaxed after their journey.

SUVs are certainly all the rage right now, and in the premium market there are many contenders, but Audi is right up there with the best. Practicality, performance, punchy petrol or frugal diesel engines – the smaller Q3, mid-size Q5 and full-size Q7 tick all the right boxes whether you’ve got kids to ferry around or not.

Those looking for a performance car won’t be disappointed either – the ‘S’ and ‘RS’ models available right across the range are seriously fast, and capable too, with four-wheel-drive making sure all that power is transferred to the road.

Interior quality is impressive across the entire Audi range, as is refinement and technology.

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