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CarStore & Battersea

In support of our mission to become the UK’s favourite automotive retailer, we’re embarking on an exciting partnership with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Why has CarStore partnered with Battersea?

Small dog sitting in the boot of a car on a small cushion

When families adopt a new dog, they often need to (p)upgrade their cars to accommodate their new addition. That's where our partnership with Battersea comes in.

Battersea is one of the UK’s oldest animal charities, providing love and expert care to dogs and cats at their three centres and across the world. Their expert staff work tremendously hard to educate the public about every aspect of responsible dog ownership, including transportation, through events, training courses, online pet advice, and publications.

With the support of Battersea, we’re aiming to become the most dog-friendly car retail brand around. We love cars and dogs, and through this partnership, aim to find happy homes for both.

We're proud supporters of Wear Blue for Rescue, which is big on showing love and care for all rescue dogs and cats that arrive at Battersea centres looking for a second home. You can show your support by sharing the cause on social media, donating to the charity, or requesting a free pin badge or pet tag.

About our partnership

Dog standing in the boot of a car

Throughout the partnership, we'll be working to make our CarStore Centres more dog-friendly, as well as training our Associates on the practice of responsible dog care.

That means when you come into one of our locations, we'll not just be able to find the right car for you, but the right car for your beloved four-legged friend(s), too.

Whether you're just browsing, getting your car serviced, or selling your current set of wheels, your dog is as welcome in every CarStore Centre as you are.

We’ll also be contributing to the amazing work Battersea is already doing, by taking part in fundraising initiatives and raising awareness across our Centres.

Battersea have a range of products they recommend for travelling safely with your dogs. We've introduced these into our Centres and are proudly displaying them for our customers to see. For more information about these products, visit Battersea's online store, or ask a Personal Advisor when you visit us.